Here I will try to answer some typical questions.   I will update this as often as necessary.


Who is the photographer?

All photographs are taken by me, Debbie Norman, unless otherwise specifically noted.

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Can I use one of your photographs for _____________ ?

My photographs have been published in books, calendars, etc. If you are interested in using one of my photographs for a project you are working on, contact me with the details. I will consider it and let you know.

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I see a new post that wasn’t here yesterday, yet the post date is last month.  How is this possible?

The blogging software that I use allows me the ability to set the post date to whatever date I wish.  I always set the post date for each entry to the date the photos in that particular entry were actually taken.   I do this because I often like to compare things from year to year, or be able to find the original photo in my files easily.  I do try to post all entries in chronological order.  That way the newest post is always at the top.

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That is not a ______, that is a _________ !

I do the best job that I can to label each subject I photograph as accurately as possible.  But I am perfectly capable of making mistakes.  If you are certain that I mislabeled an entry, then please contact me and tell me so!  My ego is not big. I will not be offended.  I would much rather know and be able to fix it and thank you.

Also if you happen to see something in my “Unidentified” category that you know the identification of, please share that information with me. I will be grateful. And I will credit you with providing the info on the blog entry.

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I have a question that isn’t answered here, what do I do?

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