Weird Grass Growing by Creek

I can’t recall if I have shared any photographs of this on the blog before or not.

It’s some sort of odd grass-like plant that grows in one spot on the creek bank. This is what it looks like sprouting up:


And this is a stick of it left over from last season:


It stays green months after a stalk has broken off. And during the summer it has stripes. My daughter says that she thinks it looks like something out of Dr. Suess, and I think she’s right. Although you wouldn’t think so by the two photos I am sharing here. I need to try to get some photos of it, during it’s more colorful stage.

If anyone knows what it is, please let me know. Thanks!


More creek photos

Yes… still more photos from the 28th.  (And I’m saving my favorite for last.  But I have several more to go before then.)  I’m actually glad that I got all of these photos on Monday because I have had a rough week and haven’t been able to take many pictures.  So I’ve still had something new to post, which is nice.

I can’t say that these photos are anything fancy.  But I just like the water.  It’s peaceful I think.  These were all taken a couple of miles from my house.  It’s the same creek that goes by our place, just further upstream.

I think the lighting was just gorgeous this day.



I wish you could see this next one full size.  You can see all the individual water droplets splashing.  It’s hard to see in the size for this blog.














I hope you found those as relaxing as I did.

~ ~ ~

August 22nd, 2009

I was really wanting to go out and about today some, but just wasn’t able.  I was telling my husband how much I wish I could get outside today.  And he asked if I would like for him to go around and take some photos for me.  Of course I said yes.  The photos in this post are his.

First up, a Broad-winged Hawk  ( Buteo platypterus ) sitting on a power line:



I wish these photos were a tad sharper.  But these images were taken from very far away, so this is the best he could do, given the excessive distance.   I thought this one was particularly interesting.  He knows he’s being spied on, and he’s turning his head almost all the way backwards to see:



In this next one, he caught him mid-feather fluff:



Next, just a couple of shots of the creek nearby.  I spent most of my time here growing up playing in the creek or in the woods, with a dog or two by my side.  🙂   Those were good times.  🙂
I’m sure I would still be doing the same things now if my body would let me.  Except now I would probably have more than two dogs tagging along, 3 kids, and a camera.   😉