Pretty Purple Plant

I forget what this plant is called, but I frequently see it around here.


It has very tiny pretty purple blooms.


Weird Grass Growing by Creek

I can’t recall if I have shared any photographs of this on the blog before or not.

It’s some sort of odd grass-like plant that grows in one spot on the creek bank. This is what it looks like sprouting up:


And this is a stick of it left over from last season:


It stays green months after a stalk has broken off. And during the summer it has stripes. My daughter says that she thinks it looks like something out of Dr. Suess, and I think she’s right. Although you wouldn’t think so by the two photos I am sharing here. I need to try to get some photos of it, during it’s more colorful stage.

If anyone knows what it is, please let me know. Thanks!


I believe this is a type of sparrow.  I shouldn’t admit this probably, but I’m honestly too lazy/tired too look it up right now.  😉  If anyone wants to tell me what it is, I’ll happily add the exact name in.  Or perhaps I’ll look it up myself when feeling a little more perky.  I just thought it was interesting to see it at that feeder.  I have seen them eat on the ground before, but never on that feeder.   I think it’s cute.

~ ~ ~


While I was photographing the Woodpecker in the last post, a hawk flew in up on the mountain.  I’m not great at bird identification, but I think it is a Cooper’s hawk.  It was very far away and raining, so the photos aren’t great.  I watched it sit there for awhile, while nearby crows went crazy making a big fuss about it being around.  It ignored them and preened it’s feathers, even looked at me at time or two.  Then it flew to the ground.  I don’t know what it did, I never saw it fly back up and I waited for as long as I could in the cold.  It didn’t really fly down like they do when they are after something.  So I’m not sure what it was up to.  I have it going to the ground on a video clip.  But it’s not a very good clip because of my shakiness, so I didn’t upload it to the video log.  I can if someone is really interested in it.  But it’s not that great.

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