More “Confused” Nature

I’ve taken several photographs recently of the “confusion” brought on by the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had this winter. Here are some from today.

Crocus, not only up, but in bud:


Worse than that, my Dianthus is in bud early as well:


I hope they make it through the cold spell this weekend. It is supposed to be under 10 degrees here, by Sunday morning.


Dianthus – Floral Lace Violet Picotee

Yes, it is October 5th and I am still posting photos from my trip out on the 28th!   This is my next to the last post from those.  (I’m saving my favorite for last, so watch for it coming very soon!)

This flower caught my eye on our way home.  It’s from my neighbor/cousin’s wife’s flower bed.  It’s a Dianthus called Floral Lace Violet Picotee.  Is that name a mouthful or what?

But I think it is a beautiful flower.  And it reminds me of tie dye t-shirts.  LOL  I love tie dye t-shirts!  Well, I love the ones that are only one or two colors.  But this post is about a flower, so I’ll get on with the pictures now.  🙂






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