First Crocus of the Spring

It’s been far too long since I have updated this blog and some of my very best nature photos have never made it here. Perhaps someday I will have time to come back and back-fill all of those missing days. But life has just been very complex and it’s hard to find time to do all of the things that I need and want to do.

This year winter just doesn’t seem to want to go away. It was snowing here, even this week. But today I saw my first crocus of the season in bloom here. Here it is, and I am looking forward to many more to come:



More Crocus

A larger version of this photograph is now my current desktop background on my computer. I have a few more from today that I will post soon.


Update: I chose an altered version of this photo, for participation in The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. The topic for this week was “Distorted”. So I played around with this photo and posted the “distorted” version on my other blog.

Purple Crocus

My purple crocus are now in bloom. They always seem to come up in that order (yellow/orange first, purple second, then the purple/white blended ones, and last the solid whites) every year.


I know I’ve said this in previous years, but I love the crocus because they burst out so early and remind us that life goes on. I am always happy to see them.


More Yellow Crocus

I’ve got quite a few yellow crocus blooms out now. It’s a bit early, but everything is coming out early, due to the milder weather we’ve experienced this winter. They do seem just a tad shorter and smaller than usual though. Probably due to the cold snap in the weather that came after they were up, but before they bloomed.


I really liked this shot. It has not been photoshopped at all (I don’t care for heavily editing photos). So that is all the natural bokeh and coloring. I’ve only adjusted the size for internet use and added my copyright.

This image is currently the desktop background on my computer right now.

Yellow Crocus, First Bloom of the Year

First bloom from my yellow crocus.

For some reason of the variety of colors I have, the yellow ones always bloom first. I wonder why that is?


A friend mentioned to me that this looks like a photograph of a tulip. I hadn’t realized it, until she said it, but it kind of does!  But I assure you, this is not a tulip. This bloom is not open yet, giving it that shape. And I shot this on macro, very closely. The bloom in this photograph is only about an inch and a half tall.

Last crocus photos of the season

This was one of the last crocus photos that I took for this season.  We would have had blooms for a little longer but we got a heavy frost shortly after this was taken, that finished them off for the season.  But I enjoyed them this year, as I am sure you noticed by the excessive number of photographs I took of them.  🙂

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