Bumblebee on Rhododendron

A Bumblebee working it’s way into the Rhododendron

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My husband says this is a mayfly.   After looking it up, I think he is correct.  Apparently they come in hundreds of varieties.  While looking it up I found this website, which you might find interesting if wanting to learn more about the mayfly (www.mayfly.org).

This one was on the outside of our door.

As a side note, be forewarned, if you photograph the outside of your door on macro mode, you will want to scrub on it for a week!  Eeek!

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Lilac


These shots were hard to get because this female Tiger Swallowtail butterfly was a good 6-8 feet above my head and the wind was blowing fiercely the entire time.  Another gust would come and she would hold on for dear life, sometimes getting blown off the lilac all together, then coming back for more.


a close up:

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Creepy smiling spider

Ok, sorry in advance for the crummy photo quality.  But this was a very small spider, suspended over some of my hostas, in blowing wind.  So this is heavily cropped and is the best I could do.  And if you read here often you know I’m not terribly fond of spiders but I thought that the spot on it that nearly glowed was interesting, as was whatever it has near it’s head that gives an appearance of a creepy clown smile.  LOL!  So I just had to throw it in here.

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Today it was 90 degrees outside!  Which is shockingly hot for April 2nd here.  I noticed something interesting.  Wasps were really aggressive all day long.  Even other people were commenting on it.  Which is odd because typically this time of year here they are flying around looking for places to make a nest.  And they aren’t typically more aggressive until later in the summer.  And by that time they have their nests set up, etc.  But I’m thinking now that their aggressiveness must be tied more to temperature, than to what stage they are in.  Because during these warm days they have been as mean as they are in August.  And the temps today are about what they are in August.  Just a random observation.

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A Bumblebee and a little Emily Dickinson

While I was out, this slow flying bumblebee followed me around, and I ended up taking it’s photo.

For some reason it made me think of one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems.  So I thought I’d share it here.


by Emily Dickinson

There is a flower that bees prefer,
And butterflies desire;
To gain the purple democrat
The humming-birds aspire.

And whatsoever insect pass,
A honey bears away
Proportioned to his several dearth
And her capacity.

Her face is rounder than the moon,
And ruddier than the gown
Of orchis in the pasture,
Or rhododendron worn.

She doth not wait for June;
Before the world is green
Her sturdy little countenance
Against the wind is seen,

Contending with the grass,
Near kinsman to herself,
For privilege of sod and sun,
Sweet litigants for life.

And when the hills are full,
And newer fashions blow,
Doth not retract a single spice
For pang of jealousy.

Her public is the noon,
Her providence the sun,
Her progress by the bee proclaimed
In sovereign, swerveless tune.

The bravest of the host,
Surrendering the last,
Nor even of defeat aware
When cancelled by the frost.

~ ~ ~