A Chickadee and a Goldfinch have a Disagreement

This little Chickadee and this Goldfinch were not in agreement in regards to allowing the other to eat at the feeder. At first the Goldfinch managed to intimidate the Chickadee off the feeder. I caught this shot as the Goldfinch let out a loud, “SQUAWK!”, at the Chickadee for daring to return.  🙂



Finches, wren, and chickadee

Finally a crowd has found my new feeding spot.  Sorry for the blurry spots in the photo, the only way I can photograph this spot is through double pane glass.   The seed probably saw a crowd today due to impending snow… snow… snow… snow…. snow.  I can sum up winter in WV this year… snow, snow and more snow.  Oh and some rain and freezing rain thrown in for variety.   Ugh


A rare treat… a little Carolina Wren comes in for seed.  They rarely pay any attention to the seed.
I LOVE Carolina Wrens.  They are so cute and friendly.  I’ve always liked them.  But I fell in love with them when one adopted us and lived in our kitchen window for years.


And a chickadee makes a crowd..  they all flew shortly after this:

~ ~ ~