Hi my name is Debbie and I like to take pictures. 🙂
It is probably best to think of this blog as a personal nature journal.  I enjoy photographing things.  I also enjoy observing and tracking when I see things each year.  I include photos without regard to quality if I like what I captured, or if it was interesting to me in some way.  I add video clips from time to time as well.

I am battling a neuromuscular disease and all of my photographs are taken very near my home in West Virginia.  I love it here and wouldn’t trade it for any place in the world. Physically things are sometimes very difficult for me.  This has greatly limited the amount of time that I can spend enjoying the outdoors.  Gone are the days where I could spend a week or more camping and just being out in nature – or climb to the top of a mountain, just to sit quietly.  So now, on the occasions that I do get to spend time outdoors, I love to take photographs and steal away a little of that beauty to take back inside with me.

I think it is good to pause and be thankful for all of the wonderful things surrounding us each day and perhaps even look at the world around us in a different way.  We live in a very fast-paced world and sometimes it is nice to just slow down and enjoy the little miracles that are there to be appreciated, if we merely look.

I enjoy capturing some of the beauty God has put into this world, in photos. I hope you enjoy my view of WV nature.

Thank you for visiting!

Debbie Norman