Blog boredom

Things feel boring to me on this blog lately, sorry for that.  Winter just isn’t terribly interesting around here most of the time – nature photo wise.   Today we saw 7 large turkey vultures in a tree.  I would have loved to have photographed them, but we were on the road and I didn’t have a camera with me.  Grr

I heard of something else this week that I would have loved to have had the opportunity to photograph.  Nearby at my parents house, my mother was watching her bird feeders and a wood rat came into view on the ground.  And then a hawk flew in and dove for the wood rat.  Right as she watched!  She said it happened super fast.  But the hawk was small (maybe young) and kept jumping with its claws out trying to catch the rat and missing.  Then the rat ran into the woods and the hawk flew after it.  They went out of sight so she doesn’t know if the hawk got the rat or not.  But what she saw would have been interesting to catch on film.

I also saw a pileated woodpecker today, but didn’t get any photos worth posting.  He was too buried in the trees.

I’m thinking that now might be a good time to start sharing some of my old archived photos – pre blog days.  At least it would make things a little more interesting around here, while we wait for warmer weather.   I may do that soon, unless something more interesting to photograph pops up.  If I post anything from pre-blog days I’ll note within the post that it is not a current photo.

I am tiring of the excessive snow this year but I have to say, I do not look forward to pollen season and the misery it brings me at all.

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