A stunned Chickadee

A little while after taking the photo of the tufted titmouse in the post below, I heard a loud bang on the front window.  That distinct noise of a bird flying into glass.  I got up to go look for it, and I saw this little chickadee.  He (she?) made it back to the table where the seed is but it was just sitting there looking really stunned.

Here I complain so much about how pretty they are but how they rarely hold still long enough for good photos.  But this is not what I wanted!  LOL  But this little tale has a happy ending, because I kept watching him and he stayed like this for approx. 15 minutes.  Then seemed to start coming out of it.  He looked around as if he were thinking,  “Where in the world am I?”  He looked so very confused for a few minutes.  Then he noticed the seed beside of him, pecked at it just a little, then hopped about like he was fine and flew away.  🙂

~ ~ ~


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