An update, and a little snowstorm history…

Well the power went out shortly after I posted the post below ( the night the storm hit).
We ended up with approx.  20 inches of heavy, wet snow.
The power was out for 5 full days.

Obviously I am updating this from behind schedule, now.  But I am going to go through the photos we took those days and post them on the date they were taken.   One of those nights while my husband, kids & I were sitting around without electricity listening to the radio, they played the top 100 hits from 1977.

1977 is the year I was born.  And when I was about the same age that my daughter Ella is now, a big winter storm hit leaving my parents with lots of snow and no electricity in January of 1978.   As I sat and held my baby, I thought of my parents holding and entertaining me, probably hearing those same songs on the radio.

Before I get started on our photos, I thought I’d share a couple of family photos from the storm in 78.


My father & I:


My Mother & I:


My youngest daughter Ella, during this year’s storm. (At the same age as me above.)


I will post our photos from the storm soon.

~ ~ ~


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