Snow Storm

If you don’t see anything new from me for a bit, our electric probably went out.  We are getting hit pretty hard right now.  (7 inches of snow in the past 3 hours and more coming down.)  We are supposed to have 12 to 20 inches by Sunday morning.  Here, this all started as rain.  The last time we had heavy rain like that, then ice, then heavy wet snow – we lost power for two weeks.  I pray that doesn’t happen this time.

But I just wanted to put that out there, in case you don’t hear from me for a bit.  So far our electric has flickered off and on, but is on at the moment.  But we aren’t even halfway through it yet and I don’t expect that to last.  We’ll see.  I don’t mind the snow too much, but with my breathing problems I hate loosing power.

It is certainly beautiful outside right now.

~ ~ ~


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