The tufted titmouse in the snow

Some tufted titmice at my parent’s feeders:



I see you! :


Fluttering to maintain balance in the cold wind:


And it’s off…

~ ~ ~


2 thoughts on “The tufted titmouse in the snow

  1. Don’t Titmice just make you want to smile when you see them? I think they are so cute and sweet. They make me happy to have them eat my birdseed. They never seem greedy and just choose a seed and take it away to eat in peace somewhere.


    • You’re going to laugh at this, but actually I can’t help but associate the titmice with being bit. Years ago I used to do a lot of rescue/rehabilitation type work. And I’ve never had any type of bird bite me as much as the titmouse. They appear so nice, but touch one and they go out of their way to bite you or peck you. But usually it’s a bite not a peck. Other birds are usually so good at being handled. They either just let you do it, or they kinda freeze in fear for a bit. Even Starlings that people associate with being aggressive, are probably one of the most docile wild birds to handle. I never had a single Starling try to bite or peck me. But not the titmouse. They fight the whole time. I guess it is kind of an admirable trait, the more I think about it. But at the time you’re not thinking that. You’re thinking, “I’m trying to help you. STOP biting me!” I guess I should have just worn gloves more back then, but it is very hard to do some things wearing gloves. Especially having small hands like I do, and gloves are always big and bulky on me.
      But I do like watching the titmice at the feeders. 🙂 And I agree they seem to not get too greedy with the seed. The only birds I recall seeing the titmice around here bicker with, is the finches. (I think I got a photo of that this month. I’ll post it to the blog when I get caught up to January photos.) They occasionally compete for who is allowed at the feeder. But even then they aren’t vicious about it or anything. And I do enjoy photographing them.


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