My Grandmother’s Mimosa Tree

My Grandmother had this lovely Mimosa tree.  She would always be so happy on the summers when it had good bloom.  The hummingbirds love to feed off of it in the summer.   As if it’s pink blossoms aren’t gorgeous enough all on their own, seeing them surrounded by hummingbirds only adds to the beauty.

I have always thought it was a lovely tree.   I even like the lines of it when it has no foliage or bloom.   Gram passed away a couple of years ago and since then it has bloomed more beautifully and bigger than ever before.

Every time I look at it, I think of her and it always warms my heart.
Even in the cold of winter.


I love you Gram.

Thank you for watching over us.

~ ~ ~


One thought on “My Grandmother’s Mimosa Tree

  1. We used to have a mimosa tree when we lived in town. It was split down the middle from a lightning strike and the previous owner had used steel cable to band it together:(
    It sure put out pretty flowers though:)


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