Mallards and an unidentified Duck

These were all shot from a distance, so they aren’t fantastic photographs.  But worth looking at for the odd duck if nothing else.

I was spotted early on…



These four mallards are regulars at my parent’s feeders near the creek.



Now below is the odd duck.  Sorry for the blurriness but it’s the best I could do so very far away.
It appears to be mostly black, but my mother (who has had opportunities to view the duck much closer) says that even though it appears black from a distance, it actually has a pattern on the lower part, much like the female mallard – but much much darker.  As you can see there are two little white lines on the wings (like the female mallards have).  And a big white patch on the lower neck/upper breast.



Here’s a few more:



I thought this next one was neat.  I was spooking them trying to get a little closer, and I caught this photo of one of the females with her wings raised, about to go into the creek.



As you can sort of see in this photo below, it is more similar in size to the females than the males as well.



As you can see in this next photo the appearance it gives while in the water is of an almost all black duck.



In this one I got it stretching up and showing off its white neck.



Again, I apologize for the poor photo quality but I was just happy to get it on film.  It’s been coming around down there off and on for a couple of weeks.  But this was the first day I was able to get any photos of it at all.  If I get the opportunity to get some better ones, I will post them.  If anyone has any thoughts on an explanation for the color pattern of this duck, I’d like to hear it.  I have heard of Mallards cross breeding with other ducks.  And my mother has seen a couple of wood ducks down there this year – for the first time ever.  The wood ducks are not regulars though.

If I were to just guess, I would say that it is probably a female and either an odd color variation of the Mallard duck, or the result of a cross breeding between a Mallard and some other duck.

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One thought on “Mallards and an unidentified Duck

  1. Probably a “manky” mallard. Mallards breed with other ducks and end up with weird combos. I’ve seen several black and white ones at the wetlands similar to this. I think they are mixes with domestic ducks. I learned that term “manky” on someone else’s blog and think it somehow fits 🙂


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