Squirrel Trail !

I love it when I see something new.  And this was certainly something I had never seen before.  I’ve heard of deer trails, dog trails, etc. but never a squirrel trail.  LOL!

As I was looking out an upstairs window today, I noticed an odd diagonal line in the grass that I am sure was not normally there.  I was puzzled for a moment, then it hit me.  It was a trail beaten down by the squirrels on their way to the corn!  It doesn’t start until the tree on the right, because they come into that tree at almost all angles.  But once they get into the yard, they always go to the tree on the far right of this photo first, check things out (look out for people, dogs, cats, etc.) then make their way to the second tree where the corn is.  They always walk between those two trees in the same place, and I guess they have worn down a path.

I thought it was funny.  A squirrel trail was new to me.  🙂

Sorry for the poor photo quality but it was taken from a window.


~ ~ ~


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