More Mushrooms

More mushrooms!



Something has been chewing on these.  Probably squirrels.  They seem to enjoy nibbling on mushrooms.  And young squirrels often love to shred them to bits with their claws, just for fun.  Which I think is cute.  It reminds me of something little kids would do.



I didn’t even realize I photographed a fly sitting on them, until I downloaded the photos.



And another type of mushroom:  There has been no shortage of fungi this year in the damp weather.



And another, from the bottom up:



And last but not least, my favorite mushroom photo of the year so far, below:
That is my Dad walking by in the background.
I love taking photos from a different view-point than you normally see things.  Photos like this make me think about entire little worlds going on all around us that we rarely pay attention to.


I hope you enjoyed the photos.

~ ~ ~


2 thoughts on “More Mushrooms

    • No but I was bending all the way over and aggravating my back. (LOL) It was nice and sore afterwards. But I love to take pictures like that. I used to lay on the ground to get good shots, but now my back is too messed up. Maybe someday again. I used to love to photograph pets that way, because you get such a nice view of them if you are down lower than they are. It makes for nice photos.
      I’ve always liked to take pictures from viewpoints I don’t naturally see, going about my day.


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