The repeated rise and fall of the same patch of mushrooms.

These photos were taken from October 2nd through October 21st, as labeled below.  I do not know the precise name of these little mushrooms, nor have they ever come up in this location before, that I am aware of.  I guess we are seeing more due to the unusually wet weather we’ve had this year.

Here they are on October 2nd:

At first when they caught my eye, they looked almost like tiny things sprinkled all below the tree.



But upon a closer look, they were clearly teeny tiny mushrooms starting to pop up:



Over to the left about 6 or 7 feet away, I found a smaller patch that were further along in the process.


~ ~ ~

I went back two days later, on October 4th and they were more fully developed.
And I took the photos below:


The way that they perfectly surrounded the tree made me think of tree skirts around Christmas trees.  LOL





~ ~ ~

I went back two more days later, October 6th.  It had been colder the previous night, and they were gone.  Having been totally ruined by the cold temps.

The ground appeared blackened by the remnants of the mushrooms.



a closer look:


~ ~ ~

Now here is where things get interesting…  (at least to me – LOL)
I went back 7 more days later, on October 13th, and they were all coming back up!


See the tiny white dots?

~ ~ ~

Now here they are again… 8 more days later.  They had filled out totally again, and were partially bitten back back the cold again.




That’s all !  I hope I didn’t bore you to tears with so many photos of the same thing.  But I found it interesting how they came up so late in the year, and then kept bouncing back after each frost.

~ ~ ~


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