A word about post dates.

I just wanted to clear something up, because I think it sometimes confuses some of the followers of my blog (going on emails I have received).   🙂   I am sorry for any confusion, so I wanted to try to clear that up here.

As a general rule, I make the publish date of each blog entry the exact date that I took the photographs in that entry.  Now there might be an occasional exception to this, but generally it is the case.  I do this because it helps me keep things straight.  If I want to find an original file, etc.  I know exactly where to look, because of the date.  Also it keeps seasonal items in the correct season, etc.

The problem with this way of doing things for example, is that sometimes someone will visit on say….  September 30th.  And they will see a new post that was not there the last time they visited, dated the 28th, even though they know they visited on the 29th and didn’t see it.  You are correct.  I probably posted it later, and it was just part of the 28th batch of photos.

So if you visit here and see something that wasn’t here before, that is why.  I am sorry if that messes with any of my readers.  I tried doing it the other way (making the publish date the date I actually published it – not the date the photos were taken)  for a day or two and it just messed with me too much.  😉  So I’m going back to my old way of doing things.

I *do* try to always make my posts in chronological order.  Meaning I won’t post photos from the 29th before photos from the 28th.  That way if you visit you won’t worry about missing posts, as long as you always load the freshest version of the blog.

I am not physically able to take photos every single day.  So I might stretch the photos from a single day out over the course of a few days of posts – depending on what I was able to capture that day.  But they will all be dated for the date that they were taken.  And I make sure that they are time stamped so that the newest posted entry is always on the top.

An upcoming exception to this rule might be archived photos.  This winter if I get short of things to photograph or ability to get out and do it, I hope to post photos from my archives (i.e. pre-blog days).  I haven’t decided how I will date those yet.  I will let you know when it happens!   Thanks!



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