Wild Daisies

Today I had another doctor’s appointment.  I’ve had to go to way too many of those lately and afterwards I just wanted to get outside and decompress a little.  My husband took me out on a short drive with my camera so that I could look for new things to photograph.  It might take me a little while to go through all of these photos, and I’ll probably do them in stages.  But everything posted under this date (September 28th, 2009) will be from this drive.  All photos were taken within 2 to 3 miles from our house.  And I took them all either from the car, or just outside the car.   The wind was quite blustery so many things were difficult if not impossible to photograph, just because they were moving around too much!  But it did my soul good to get out in the sun for a while and see some different scenery.

This first post from today is of some wild daisies.  I wish I could have gotten up there a little sooner this year.  Most of the wild flowers are damaged from the cooler nights we’ve been having.



See the damage from the cool nights we are starting to have:



Some that are still doing well…





And one last one, a close up:


~ ~ ~


4 thoughts on “Wild Daisies

  1. Very nice shots of the Daises Debbie. The weather has been awfull on most all of the flowers around here too. It’s been so cold. Tonight it’s in the 40’s.
    Have a great rest of the week. Take care.


    • Thank you Becky! They are predicting 45 – 50 degrees here tonight as well. I wasn’t out today, but everyone told me the air was chilly out today. Most of the flowers I saw yesterday were in too poor of condition to be worth photographing. I did take some photos of a few though. One was a lovely pink flower in my neighbors flower bed. I hope to get the rest of the photos from yesterday posted to the blog soon.


  2. Very nice! I don’t see a lot of daisies and I’ve always liked them. We must be having the same wind. When I took the butterfly shots, everything was blowing so much, I had trouble catching them as the flowers swayed back and forth. I hope the doctor visit was helpful and glad you got out for a short while.


    • Thank you! And yes we must be getting the same wind. I got photos of one butterfly while we were out Monday but it is so blurry. Honestly I’m shocked it came out at all. The plant it was sitting on was swaying 6 feet one way and the other in the wind. I still might post it, since I don’t have any butterflies on here yet. LOL But it’s not a very clear photo. And yes it was very nice to be able to get out for awhile.


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