More creek photos

Yes… still more photos from the 28th.  (And I’m saving my favorite for last.  But I have several more to go before then.)  I’m actually glad that I got all of these photos on Monday because I have had a rough week and haven’t been able to take many pictures.  So I’ve still had something new to post, which is nice.

I can’t say that these photos are anything fancy.  But I just like the water.  It’s peaceful I think.  These were all taken a couple of miles from my house.  It’s the same creek that goes by our place, just further upstream.

I think the lighting was just gorgeous this day.



I wish you could see this next one full size.  You can see all the individual water droplets splashing.  It’s hard to see in the size for this blog.














I hope you found those as relaxing as I did.

~ ~ ~


2 thoughts on “More creek photos

  1. I like watching water, too and in a little creek like this with slate and rock, it is always pretty and relaxing. You are smart to split your photos up….I used to try to fit everything into one post each day. Now I am not getting out too much because I am busy and am stretching one days photos into a whole week or more! I love getting out, but sometimes you just can’t.


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