Young Eastern Box Turtle

Today I’ve got a young Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina).  I haven’t seen the adult who was hanging around in July in awhile.  I hope he didn’t live too dangerously.  Hopefully he’s still around and I just haven’t seen him.  I haven’t been out much, so that is entirely possible.

This one isn’t full grown yet.  And was quite cooperative in terms of getting his photograph taken.  So that was nice.



This next shot is a close up of his shell:


Their shell patterns have always reminded me of finger prints.





It’s so nice when my subjects have such a pleasant personality and tolerate me pestering them with my camera so well.





As you can see in the photo above, he has some sort of injury or birth defect to one of his toes.


And also a small place near his mouth, as you can see below:




Time to leave him alone, and let him go about his way.  But it was nice to have him visit.  I hope he hangs around.

~ ~ ~


4 thoughts on “Young Eastern Box Turtle

  1. He’s a beauty! I love the patterns on the shells….the way they are made up of the different sections and the lines and “fingerprint” markings you mentioned. I don’t get to see many box turtles.


    • I used to see a lot more of them around here than I do now. I’m not sure how much of that is a decline in the turtles, and how much is a decline in me getting out and about. But I definitely think there are less around here than there were in the past. Not sure why.


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