Squirrel Arrow ?

I did not shoot a squirrel arrow into a tree.  I promise.



~ ~ ~


2 thoughts on “Squirrel Arrow ?

    • No No! You can’t resign! Your photos are great! Besides this is new for me I have no idea how long the squirrels will even keep coming in for me. This is not their normal behavior around here for sure. We can both do squirrels! Besides I would probably never be so well organized to remember to do it on a specific day. LOL I just try to post things when I can, then I post them up as the date that the photo was taken. Not necessarily the day that I post them. Although I am trying to stay as close to caught up as possible. I’ve been doing that so that I can find the photo again in my files if I want it. That’s actually how most of the idea for this blog got started. I wanted an easier way to view my favorite photos and be able to find them. Rather than sorting through a million folders on my computer, trying to remember what date something was taken.

      It was my husband that actually said it looked like an arrow. I was going through the photos from that day and I said, “Look, it looks like our tree grew a head a tail.” And he said, “No it looks like someone shot a squirrel arrow into our tree.” So credit for that silly line goes to him. 😉


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