“Aviator Squirrel”

This squirrel seems quite particular about eating from the hanging basket.  He doesn’t like to eat on the ground, he doesn’t like to eat on the stump, and he doesn’t like another squirrel to get near his basket while he’s in it.

We have had a lot of wind recently and the basket tends to swing about some.  As it does, he likes to hold onto the front and look straight ahead.  Then when it stops, he goes back to his normal sitting and eating position.  But if the basket is moving, he’s in that pose.  This has earned him the nickname “Aviator Squirrel”.  Someday I simply must remember to get a video clip of it, because explaining it really doesn’t do it justice.  But it is quite comical watching him looking like he is trying to steer the basket as it flies about in the wind.

For now, a photo will have to do:



When the basket stops moving he goes back to eating.
What I find amusing about that, is that whenever he spots me taking his photo,
he attempts to hide behind his tail:



And then he peeks at me:



Then after a bit, he decides he doesn’t really mind me watching.
At least not too much.




~ ~ ~


2 thoughts on ““Aviator Squirrel”

  1. Love the basket! They do seem to like getting into things and not on the ground. Love the aviator shot….he needs one of the little aviator helmets like the early flyers wore 🙂


    • It is so funny that you said that, because I said the very same thing to my my husband. I said.. “Now if we could just get him to wear one of those little aviator hats.” LOL! We must think alike. 🙂


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