September 15th, 2009 – Sniffer strikes again

I mentioned in the previous blog Sniffer’s desire to kill anything that she can.  I never said she was terribly effective.   Just that she would, if she could.   😉

Today she struck again.  I can honestly say without hesitation that she is the only dog that I have ever had or seen that could catch skinks.  Skinks are very quick, and generally don’t seem to spark the interest of dogs.  But Sniffer is no ordinary dog.  She takes things like skinks extremely seriously.  We have rescued more skinks from her than I care to count.  To date, I only know if her actually killing one skink and that was last year.  Usually if we’ve turned our back on her and we hear her “ferocious killer” bark we immediately put a stop to whatever is going on, or about to go on.

Today she caught the tail end of a skink as it got almost out of her reach.  It left it’s tail with her, and went on about it’s way.

If you aren’t aware of this already, this is a defensive act on the part of the Five-lined Skink ( Eumeces fasciatus).  They drop their tails and get away.  The tail grows back.

Here’s the tail:



I found the skink approx. 10 feet away, scurrying into hiding:



I went back inside and about an hour later we spotted it back closer to the door again.  It quickly ran and hid on the windowsill area.  You can see it’s head peeking out at me in the photo below:



When I clicked the camera it took off running further away.  The poor thing really seemed stressed and extra skittish after the encounter with Sniffer.  And who could blame it.



It looked rather bizarre running so quickly, without it’s tail.



It came back out just a bit, then I clicked the camera again and it decided it had enough of me and took off at lightening speed for the roof of the house.




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