Today was the first day in awhile that I felt up to considering taking the camera out for a bit.  And I thought the ragweed pollen might be down to a more tolerable level, considering the recent rain.  I didn’t go far at all (about 10 feet, LOL) but…  I tried.  Not much luck though.

It was so wet I’d hoped to find some toads out and about.  But I only found one hiding under a bush, and the pics I got of him weren’t worth posting, because I simply couldn’t get a good shot at him where he was located at.

My carnivorous plants are really enjoying the weather.  They love hot, humid, wet and lots of bugs about.   One even filled with water in today’s rain.  It looks quite happy though.  🙂



I saw a young squirrel at the very tip top of a very skinny tree.  It was fun watching him trying to balance.  But he was too shy to let me get any decent photos of him.   I got him leaping into another tree and then parts of him poking out from behind leaves.  Again, nothing worth posting.  I saw two more young squirrels out running about, all within the same 10 minutes or so.  Which around here is not too common close to the house.  In the woods yes, but not this close in.  I can’t help but wonder why I’ve been occasionally seeing them more close lately.  If it were just these young ones I would chalk it up to ignorant fearless adolescent behavior.  But we had a large adult grey in the backyard just the other day.

I wish I had something more interesting to post.  But I don’t.  So I’ll leave you with some moisture evaporating up off the trees into fog.




One thought on “09-09-09

  1. That plant looks hungry 🙂 I think I’ll keep my fingers out of the way. Squirrels seem to come and go. Mine haven’t been very active lately which makes it hard to come up with a Squirrel Sunday post unless I dig out something old. I like that misty tree shot! I haven’t had much to post either, but suddenly my birds are beginning to come around more.


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