August 3rd, 2009 – Skink

~ ~ ~

On my way inside today from checking on my venus flytraps, I happened to notice this fairly young Five-lined Skink ( Eumeces fasciatus) on the side of the brick.


Skinks are creatures that startle fairly easily, and therefore can be difficult to photograph. But I have found that younger ones seem to be a tad slower to react, giving you more time to take their picture.  🙂   As this one demonstrated.

He only moved about halfway down the window sill.



Then he decided that perhaps I was too much of a worry to ignore and wanted to leave.  Problem was, he wasn’t sure where to go.  Unlike adults who almost always seem to know the perfect escape route and are lightening fast in doing so, he wandered around a bit.  And seemed to get frustrated by his efforts.  First he headed off away from me toward the opposite edge of the window.  He was contemplating going out into the bush on a limb that touches the brick, but that didn’t work out well at all.  As we have a family of wrens living in that bush, and one flew out and startled him as soon as he was about to make his leap.  He decided that was not a good idea, after the one wren flushed out and the other was waiting inside of the bush.



So he looked around, and decided that UP was the way to go:



He thought he had the perfect escape:



Time for his close up:



As he got to the top of the window, things didn’t really work out the way he had planned.   At the top of the window is a small wasp nest.  Two of the wasps came flying out at him, buzzing him.  And he stopped suddenly like “Woah!”



I began to feel sorry for him.  Nothing was really working out properly for him.  LOL!  🙂
You could tell by his reaction that provoking the wasps was not something he intended or desired to do.



After this shot, he turned and ran back down – FAST.  Apparently when it came between a person, a family of wrens, or a wasp nest, he decided that the wasp nest was most important to avoid.



Finally he settled on a far corner of the window, but not too close to the edge as to provoke the wrens again:



He looked so relaxed after a bit, that I decided to leave him be and not stress him anymore:


~ ~ ~


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